Friday, March 28, 2008

Beards Over Babies

Never did I think dinosaurs would offer such cutting insights into my subconscious motivation for growing a beard.

Check out more prehistoric hilarity at the Qwantz page


The Hornes'es said...

Is there an explaination to your beard? Did I miss it on your blog? Or are you just growing it for fun, no rhyme or reason?
Just curious!

Anonymous said...

I must say I've been amazed at how quickly you've been able to grow your beard. Most men don't "show" for several weeks and sometimes months. Your skin is just glowing these days and I haven't noticed that your appetite has slowed. You seem to be a natural at beard growing, free of all the nasty symptoms that some men experience when they decide to begin producing excess hair. Your body seems to know just what to do. Are you having any particular cravings these days? Peanuttles, maybe?

I'm so proud of the furry mass that you've created Brian. The next time I'm up I would like to take many photos so that I can start a small photo album to show all my friends. I bragged about you yesterday in the grocery store. The checker didn't believe me when I told him what you have been able to produce in such a short amount of time. He and several other shoppers who overheard my bragging would like to see pictures of the thick, full, reddish brown masterpeice that has come out of your face. I promised that I would have pictures to show off the next time I'm shopping. Everyone wants to know who you look like the most now. I tell them you are the spitting image of a young, bearded Harrison Ford. I hope you weren't expecting to attain the prehistoric caveman look, you would need to droole more for that and I just don't see that characteristic in your gene pool.

Please post more photos soon. Your fans would like to keep up on the changing nuances of your ever growing creation.

PS There is no need to feel forgotten, we all love you!

Mom G

Brian said...

Mom, you are hilarious! You win the award for best comment on our blog ever.

Your prize?

I will let you touch my beard and care for it. And take pictures of it in cute little outfits.

You can take it to the zoo and have special dates, just you and my beard.


Heidi, no explanation. It's just for fun. I like beards and don't know when I'll ever grow one this long again. Might as well keep the momentum going...

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so happy! I can't wait to dress it in cute little outfits and comb it and put darling barettes, ribbons and bows in it. Maybe I'll get us matching outfits to wear to the zoo. And I need to look for a special seat for it to sit on in my car so that it will be safe. We will take our first pictures tomorrow and post them on the blog right away so that others can see share in our excitement. Oh I just can't wait to see it again!