Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A walk in the woods requires a bath

Yesterday, my sister Alli and I took Magnolia and my two dogs for a walk on North Lake Whatcom Trail. We stopped 1 mile in to let the dogs swim and take some pictures of cute Maggie. One of the wet dogs shook near the camera, thus the blurred spots in the pictures.

Magnolia sported her new bear hat made by her Auntie Alli. It matches her dad's favorite hat with the addition of ears.
Maggie got hungry on our walk. So I fed her while sitting on a log by the lake. But later when we were going over a bumpy part of the trail, she decided to spit it all back up. Alli and I cleaned her up the best we could while in the woods. When we got home I discovered that her hair was crusty with dried milk. Brian and I decided it was a great time for her first real bath.

Not so bad at first...
Then, it got worse.

What a cute toosh! (This one is especially for you Jodi)

Then Maggie and I sacked out exhausted from a long day in our favorite napping places; me in my chair and she on my chest.

For all of you that can't get enough pictures, I started a flickr account for Magnolia pics. Go to to view more from these events. You should be able to share and print any favorites. I'll be working on putting some older ones on there too, so check back often.


Jodi said...

Okay, how special do I feel to have a tooshie picture especially for me?! And especially such a cute one!! Seriously you guys, I can't get over how cute she is. And good job with the impromptu feeding!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you for getting out there and learning to do what you normally love to baby. You did a great job improvising on the trail with feeding, changing, cleaning up and just carrying her the entire way. No wonder you needed a nap after such a big outing. The hat is way cute! Good job auntie Alli!
Love to all,
Mom G