Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy One Month Birthiversary!

Magnolia Grace Rush is now one month old!

She has reached a healthy weight of 11 1/2 pounds (she's gaining over an ounce a day!) and a legnth of 23 inches. According to the chart we have, that puts her in at least the 95th percentile for both. About a week ago, she started smiling and giggling in her sleep and now she is doing it during the day. (I guess it is normal for babies to start practicing things like that in their sleep.) She is able to lift her head pretty far when on her stomach and can hold it pretty steady when she is upright. Maggie is getting much more responsive and interested in the world around her. She will stare for a really long time at the bear on the mobile on her swing and the smiling sun on her play mat. She also spent some time watching Otis yesterday as he lay beside her wagging and chewing his bone. Windows, especially sky lights, can hold her attention the longest. She also really enjoys taking a bath -- she is like a noodle soaking in the warmth of the water. Thankfully, for her parents' sake, she is beginning to sleep for longer periods at night too. :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthiversary Maggie! You are such a little doll. Nana loves you very much. I'll see you tomorrow.