Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Day of Firsts

Today, Brian and I took Magnolia for her first outing--to meet my math department at their weekly lunch. It was our first time trying to get ourselves ready with Magnolia under a time constraint.

Needless to say to all of you parents, it took us longer than we expected. I fed Maggie just before we were to leave, hoping I wouldn't have to feed her while we were out. But she decided to add another first: projectile spit up. I had to change my clothes, but luckily she stayed clean.

I usually bring dessert for each teacher's birthday and today was my department head Scott's birthday. So we brought a Mud Pie to celebrate him and a Heath Ice Cream Pie to celebrate Maggie. It was fun to show her off.

Magnolia got really hungry at the end of our visit (since most of what I fed her ended up on my pants). This necessitated another first: breastfeeding in public. Thank goodness for the hooter hider made by my friend Emily. I store it in our diaper bag for just such occasions.

Later that afternoon, we had a home visit by a nurse. She was here to check our vitals that they monitored at the hospital and answer any questions we new parents might have. We laid Maggie on her scale to get her weight and noticed a green stain on her outfit. Another first: blown out diaper.

Maggie checked out beautifully. She is almost back up to her birth weight! I am recovering quickly too. I think it is due to the great care and attention we have received from Papa Brian and Nana Teresa.

Our final first happened twice. I had finished this post and was changing her diaper when she so kindly reminded me. During the last two diaper changes of the day, after I got the dirty diaper off and cleaned her up, but before I managed to get the new one on she peed all over!


therachel said...

I feel like you can't mention something called a "hooter hider" without more of a detailed description, and possible instructions on how to make one (like the rabbit hat post)! I'm sure it is very handy!

Josh D said...

Glad to hear everyone is healthy!

Dena said...

wow. sounds like a typical day out and about with a newborn. I'm also amazed at how quikly you ARE out and about...way to go.

Isaac did a similar thing to me on our first day out...not just a blow out, but TWO blow outs. And like someone squeezed a new bottle of mustard, it went SHOOTING across my body and arm, up to my shoulder.

And you'd think, being a mother of three, I would have been prepared, but Josh had to run and buy wipes...

rest assured. She's doing exactly what she needs to be doing...demanding attention. :)

keep posting pics...