Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kaleia turned into a new baby overnight

A New "Do"

A New Voice

New Skillz

(she does actually make it, just not when the camera is on)

And a New Tooth!

No pictures yet...just lots of drool and a little white nub.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh my. How much does she understand that we DON'T hear about?!

Just as we were about to post our last blog entry I was reading it aloud to Shannon to get her final approval on my edits. Magnolia was engrossed in her shaped blocks behind me in the living room.

Or so we thought. I was barely two sentences into the post, about to read the dialogue from Magnolia and Kaleia's arm grabbing incident, when Magnolia, without even putting her blocks down, yells out: "You! Arm! Baby!"

We were certainly impressed, and it was a harmless conversation this time, but I think we are now entering the phase when you do a lot of S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G.

Inter-child Boundaries

This morning, when Magnolia insisted on sitting next to her sister on the couch, Kaleia's grasping little fingers found her arm.

This was not okay with Magnolia. Though she wanted to sit next to her infant sister, she did not want Kaleia to touch her.

Magnolia (pulling away and giving Kaleia a dirty look): "Arm!"

Me: "Magnolia, it is okay. She is not hurting you."

Magnolia: "Arm...pain!"

Really, Magnolia? Kaleia's tiny little fingers, that are barely touching you, are causing you pain?

Magnolia scooted farther away, only to be followed by her sister's grabby hands.

I saw visions of invisible lines drawn as boundaries on couches and carseats. I heard games of "I'm not touching you" play out. I heard myself saying, "If you don't stop that I'm gonna turn this car right around and we're just gonna go home."

Or maybe that was just a flashback from my childhood...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 3 Month Birthiversary!

Kaleia Shalom is 3 months old!

Three months ago, I never would have thought we could have a happier baby than Magnolia. We always joked that we were in for trouble with our second because Magnolia was so easy-going. But believe it or not, Kaleia might be easier. Though many of our friends don't believe us, she does cry, but almost always her crying is due to her continued flatulance problem. And though she is happy most of the time, when she does cry she gets aaannnGRY.

Developmentally, Kaleia is on pace with her sister at 3 months: drooling, fists in mouth, playing with rattles on her own, enjoying her playmat, and big smiles for anyone she meets. If the similarities continue teething is right around the corner.

They look pretty different. Most people thought Maggie looked like Brian, but everyone likens Kaleia to her Mama. The girls are also pretty different in size. Kaleia continues to gain and grow slowly and steadily. She is now up to 12 lb 12 oz and 24.25 inches long -- two pounds lighter than Magnolia was.

We are still learning to parent two. Life is full -- wonderful and hard. But that's another post.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Canucks Newest Fan

"Hockey season is here."

"The Canucks have had a rough start."

"Please, please, please can we get a win."


Monday, October 5, 2009


Today a major advancement in counting was made in the Rush household!

Magnolia wanted to play with her "jeen" and "beugh" "toins" with Mama this afternoon. The "toins" go in a big pink plastic singing/counting pig -- one of her favorite toys. Her usual method of counting is "two...two...two...two" as she drops the various "toins" in the slot. Today, she asked me to participate so I started counting "one...two...three..." then before I could say it, Magnolia added "fwohw...fie...see."

What?!? That was a fluke, right?

So I tried it again. "Magnolia, let's count the coins again! How many is this?"


Then she lost track of the coins and her place in counting. What do you do when that happens? Start back at the last number you said of course, "shree...fwohw...fie!"

Bath Time Trespassers

We're all suffering from the grouchies lately. Kaleia constantly has the violent flatulance of a large man spurning his lactose intolerance with a diet of Cheetos and milk. Magnolia is scrapbooking hair and various household items to her face using nasal secretions. And Mama and Papa are on a rigorous night-time training regimen to become zombies.

Today, while bathing to remove the crusty snot from her hair, Magnolia wagged her outstretched arm and shouted "No! No! No!" at her bath toys that were encroaching on her side of the tub.

You know something's wrong when your toys start annoying you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Magnolia at 1.5 Years! (This Post is a Month Late)

Magnolia has her serious face on now. She furrows her brow in concentration and spreads her feet into a wide stance. Her baby doll is across her chest and she is bouncing gently side to side hushing, "sh sh sh." And while she hasn't mastered the skill completely--the baby's face is smothered in her armpit--she's a natural big sister for sure.

Kissing Kaleia, or, better yet, holding Kaleia on her lap, is the highlight of her day. And sometimes when she's mad that she has to go to bed she'll deny Mama and Papa their nigh-nigh kisses, but never baby sister.

She loves the dogs too. Granted sometimes we have to usher them into another room, not for Maggie's sake, but to spare them any more torment from our little Elmyra. Mostly she likes to snuggle them, often carefully lining her body up and then plopping her diapered booty between the front legs of a sleepy pooch. She also thinks it's funny when Otis chases his tail. I'm not sure if Otis thinks it's funny when she chases his tail but it's usually pretty hilarious to us. Usually Magnolia catches the tail first and becomes an extension of the tail, getting flung around the room giggling histerically.

Mags loves to move her body. She can conquer just about any playground apparatus and constantly mistakes most of the furniture in our home for just that. It's a blessing and a curse. While her head and face sometimes look like a telegram to Child Protection Services, on the bright side we don't have to lift her into her high chair any more. She even does the buckles with her increasingly dexterous hands.

She also loves to dance, and mimicks almost everything we do. After one soccer game, during which her little garbled toddler voice could be heard on the sidelines shouting "Go Go Go!," she saw me stretching my legs. You know the kind where you spread your legs and lean to one side? She does this several times a day now. There will be no groin pulls for this toddler! Her penchant for mimicry is also making potty training pretty easy. She's definitely not trained yet but she loves sitting on the potty, clothed or unclothed, and is VERY interested in poo-poos and pee-pees.

In fact, her zest for all things excrement is a little unnerving at times. I'm as private about my potty as the next person, but since I'm trying to model best-practice for Mags, whenever I go she gets an invite. It's not my idea of an ideal father-daughter date, but she seems to love it. For me, it's taking a little getting used to--having her face full of wonder peering through my legs to the shadowy water below like it's Christmas morning. And you know, I've been doing the whole pooping thing for years but I can't help but feel a little proud of myself when she exclaims "Poo Poo!" everytime there's a splash. Mostly though it's just weird. They don't tell you about this kind of thing when you sign up for parenting.

There's so much to tell about Magnolia at 18 months. Her words and signs are too many to list, though some of the highlights are our names. While Mama is still "Mama", Brian has become "Popeye", Kaleia "Baby-Shh" and Trudy "Tru-tru." Magnolia herself is "Yyyou!" with finger pointing at her chest. We will always remember her roll call, recited every few hours: "Mama, Papa, Baby-sh, Mama, Mama, Papa, Baby, MaPa, Baby. Yyyou. Mama, Mama, Pama..."

She regularly strings several words and/or signs together and expects you to understand. Recently, after a couple attempts to get Shannon to understand her request for water, Magnolia rolled her eyes and said louder, and slower, "WAAAHHHRRR." Is this a sneak peak of her teen years? She loves the phone too, often shouldering it to her ear and saying "Um om om om, om." We must still have a little bit of childhood left though because as soon as there's a real voice on the other end she goes mute.

Some other facts and stats about our growing girl:

Height: 34-3/8" (Off the chart. Size 2T)
Weight: 25 lb., 3 oz. (65th percentile)

Favorite books: Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?; Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb; and The Hungry Caterpillar

Favorite activities: Drawing; Running; Jumping; Reading; Talking; Fastening buckles; Looking at animals, babies and fireworks on the internet; Noticing ridiculously subtle things, like barely audible planes flying overhead; and being tickled.

Magnolia Grace, we can't imagine life without you and we look forward to all the growing and learning to come!