Sunday, February 28, 2010

Magnolia Turns 2!

Although she doesn't actually have a birthday this year, this week our blog will feature posts in honor of Magnolia passing from "wum" to "two."

Vancouver 2010

Saturday, I braved the rain and headed north to take in the Olympic host city.

As I unloaded the car, Brian ran up behind me. For a minute, I was really scared because I thought he was a homeless man. He says he "forgot" his beard trimmers at home this month.

He, and our friend Blake, had a day off on their last day of working the Olympics and joined us downtown.

Magnolia was thrilled to see her Papa again and spent much of the afternoon snuggling and kissing him.

To which he reciprocated and said our visit was the highlight of his month.

Who Should We Cheer For?

Having dual-citizenship during the Olympics is confusing.
When our countries play each other who do we cheer for?

Do we split time and attire? We'd be guaranteed to come out winners!
...and I guess losers too.

Maybe we should just stay nuetral and cheer for our favorite letter?!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If Blogging Were an Olympic Sport

If blogging were an Olympic sport, I would not be on the podium.

Brian is working as a shuttle driver for the Olympic Sliding Center up in Whistler. Which means my editor/co-writer has been gone for 19 days now and my hands are full with these little monkeys. And hands full of monkeys are not good at typing.

I'm not totally alone. My parents are helping out with the girls, which we really appreciate, but we really miss our Papa.

Trudy and Otis are also stir crazy from missing their late night dog park visits with Brian. I've realized how much of a burden he lifts off me by making sure they're well cared for.

I'm not sure how much Brian's absence is impacting Kaleia, but I can definitely see it in Magnolia, even though she is too young to tell me. For the first week or so she was eager to talk to Papa on the phone. Now she refuses, backing away from the little device muttering "Papa home." Except for the other night, she initiated a pretend phone call to him. When I asked her what Papa said she answered, "Laba you." Melt my heart.

A video message we sent Papa

Then yesterday she was playing with a hollow plastic Easter egg. Maggie looked at me and said, "Papa." What? You popped it open? No, she confirmed, "Papa." While I sat pondering what this piece of plastic had to do with her absent Papa, I watched her open the egg, pretend to remove something from it and bring her fingers to her lips. "Tisses."

My floodgates opened. Memories of Brian giving her kisses for her pockets flew to mind. For the next few minutes she continued to replenish the supply.

I hear about service men and women that are deployed for significant periods of time. Brian met an Olympic luger the other day who hasn't seen his wife and 19-month-old since October. I don't know how families do it. They miss so much. They are so missed.

Our next separation is a short five months away when Brian heads down to California for his summer term in grad school. I don't think I will ever get used to it, but at least I'm learning some strategies to make it more bearable. I think Brian might need to fill a whole basket of those Easter eggs.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy 7 Month Birthiversary!

Kaleia Shalom is 7 months old!

These days she:
+ Weighs 17 lbs, 3 oz and is 27.25 inches long
+ Jabbers up a storm, experiementing with sounds and volume
+ Tries to stand up on her own, then lets go to reach for her next destination
+ Prefers Mama and experiences some stranger anxiety
+ Recognizes the sign for milk
+ Eats avocado and sweet potato with minimal tummy trouble
+ Wakes up twice a night (at least!)
+ Laughs at her sister, the dogs, and tickles
+ Gives amazing snuggles into your neck
+ Sits confidently
+ Manuvers well on her tummy, rolling and sliding,
+ Gets into a crawling position, but no crawling -- That is until...