Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 3 Month Birthiversary!

Kaleia Shalom is 3 months old!

Three months ago, I never would have thought we could have a happier baby than Magnolia. We always joked that we were in for trouble with our second because Magnolia was so easy-going. But believe it or not, Kaleia might be easier. Though many of our friends don't believe us, she does cry, but almost always her crying is due to her continued flatulance problem. And though she is happy most of the time, when she does cry she gets aaannnGRY.

Developmentally, Kaleia is on pace with her sister at 3 months: drooling, fists in mouth, playing with rattles on her own, enjoying her playmat, and big smiles for anyone she meets. If the similarities continue teething is right around the corner.

They look pretty different. Most people thought Maggie looked like Brian, but everyone likens Kaleia to her Mama. The girls are also pretty different in size. Kaleia continues to gain and grow slowly and steadily. She is now up to 12 lb 12 oz and 24.25 inches long -- two pounds lighter than Magnolia was.

We are still learning to parent two. Life is full -- wonderful and hard. But that's another post.

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