Monday, October 5, 2009


Today a major advancement in counting was made in the Rush household!

Magnolia wanted to play with her "jeen" and "beugh" "toins" with Mama this afternoon. The "toins" go in a big pink plastic singing/counting pig -- one of her favorite toys. Her usual method of counting is "two...two...two...two" as she drops the various "toins" in the slot. Today, she asked me to participate so I started counting "one...two...three..." then before I could say it, Magnolia added "fwohw...fie...see."

What?!? That was a fluke, right?

So I tried it again. "Magnolia, let's count the coins again! How many is this?"


Then she lost track of the coins and her place in counting. What do you do when that happens? Start back at the last number you said of course, "shree...fwohw...fie!"


The Horne's said...

Wow - that's great! She's just THAT smart!!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing!!! Good work Magnolia!! Just goes to show you that they are listening even when it doesn't seem like they're getting it. :D