Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Canucks' Newest Mascot

"Go, Canucks, go!"

"Boooo Edmonton!"

"Beat 'em at skating!"

(That one's for you, Scott)


Anonymous said...

Our little sweetie is so cute! She's going to know sports inside and out. I love the little Canucks jammies. This child is darling in everything you put on her. What a little zoolander!! Can't wait to cuddle her again! Give each other (You and Brian) a hug for me!
Love to you all,
Mom G (Nana)

Kori said...

I'm in LOVE! What an adorable little Canucks fan. I can hear here cheering from here (this may sound like crying to you, but don't be confused). I never knew canucks gear came so little.

PS: One of us usually yells "beat him at skating!" at least once during every game.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I prefer, "beat him with your skate!"


Anonymous said...

Little Maggie looks just adorable! It's nice to see her wearing the correct hockey jammies--she'll be a fan in no time. Love, Grandma R.