Sunday, March 23, 2008

What? No cute baby in an Easter dress?!

It's true. For two reasons:

1) Magnolia didn't really sleep last night, so we didn't go to church. It probably would not have been wise for either of us to drive in our sleep-deprived state. Instead we've been lounging around the house in our pajamas.

2) The church we attend is not celebrating Easter this week. Many of you probably know that Brian and I have been attending an Eastern Orthodox church for a couple of years now. The Orthodox Church follows a different calendar than the Western (Catholic and Protestant) Churches. So we will have Easter at the end of April, and at that point I will post cute pictures of Maggie in her Easter dress.

If you want to learn more about why there are two dates for Easter, check out our other blog, Liminal Incense.

For those of you that celebrated Easter today, Christ is Risen!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you,too! Sorry to hear that you had a sleepless night--those are very frustrating. Grandma Rush recommends that you try a pacifier or else the human milk machine is going to wear herself out. If you leave it too long, she'll think it's too strange and won't take one--just like her little cousin Jamie. Wishing you lots of sleep tonight.