Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cardiff in Surrey

If you're anywhere near Surrey, BC in the next few days go see the Janet Cardiff show at the Surrey Art Gallery before it closes on Sunday.

From the website:
Forty-Part Motet is a sublimely beautiful sound installation created by one of Canada’s most significant contemporary artists.

Janet Cardiff recorded members of the Salisbury Cathedral Choir
performing Spem in Alium, by 16th century English composer
Thomas Tallis, one of the most complex pieces of polyphonic
choral music ever written.

Separate voices emanate from forty speakers. As visitors stroll
past they can single out individual singers. Standing at the
centre, the combined choral harmonies wash over listeners.

Previously shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York,
and at the Tate Gallery in England, the Surrey Art Gallery will
host its first exhibition in British Columbia.

This was one of the most beautiful, goose-bump inducing aural experiences I've ever had. Go alone, close your eyes and get lost in the rapturous polyphony or bring the kids and enjoy a unique--and free!--experience together. If you aren't moved by this you might be dead.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing! I would love to attend such an event if it comes our way again.
Mom G