Monday, March 17, 2008

Pretty Irish Girl

Growing up in the Gracey family our Irish heritiage was something to be proud of, even if it was only one among many nationalities that made up our background. On St. Patrick's Day, we always had corned beef, roasted potatoes, and my favorite, Irish soda bread. We also always watched the "Irish" Disney movie, Darby O'Gill and the Little People. For those of you that were able to attend our wedding, you may remember Brian toasting me by singing the song "Pretty Irish Girl." This year we didn't do any of the Gracey family traditions, but we all did wear green. Maggie was especially decked out in an outfit from her Nana.
I guess we're not the only ones that dress their baby up and do photo shoots for obscure holidays.


Rob & Bre Ann Gilfillan said...

I love her little head band with the bow! So cute!

Josh D said...

Funny thing. . you blog smells like garlic today. You didn't happen to have clove*S* of garlic spread over french bread yesterday did ya?


it was GREAT seeing you all!

emily said...

mags looks thoroughly disinterested but supercute nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

Just in case you weren't at the wedding!

-Auntie Alli

Anonymous said...

She is so darling!!! Have you tried the barettes yet?