Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Doctor's Visit - Two-Week Check Up

Last Thursday we took Maggie to the Pediatrician for the first time. While filling out all of family medical history paperwork I had to keep reminding myself that "Magnolia" was the patient's name, not "Shannon" and when it said Parent Signature that was where I was to sign. Weird.
Our nurse turned out to be someone that we know through Camp Firwood and Bellingham adult rec soccer, Tara Almassy. It was fun to see her again. She did a great job, despite the fact that Maggie must had inherited her mother's difficult veins.
We waited for a really long time for the doctor. While we waited we started examining our daughter's features trying to decided what part looked like who. When discussing her ears we had the brilliant idea of employing our technology to help us decide. What do you think?

Brian also enjoyed teaching Maggie to be tolerant by molding her face into various funny poses.
Overall, Maggie did great! She was very compliant and deemed extremely healthy. She weighed in at 10 pounds, 3 ounces and measured at 22 3/4"! No wonder she has already outgrown her newborn sized clothes. For those of you that think she is perfect, don't worry. She has a slightly longer than normal bent 4th toe that we will be watching. 


therachel said...

hmm...i'd say that the top part of maggie's ear looks similar to brian's, while the bottom half looks more similar to shannon's. I'm wondering what you guys came up with?

emily said...

did you know that ears are actually unique to each person? they can be used for identification, just like a fingerprint!

Shannon Rush said...

I didn't know that ears were unique! That is pretty cool. To answer Rachel's question, we thought she had my ears.

Brian said...

The pic of Shan's ear isn't the best representation.

The main similarity between hers and Mag's is the outer ridge thingy that run along the top/outside. Both girls' stop midway down but mine stays ridgy all the way down. Ain't no stoppin' MY ridge.