Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Welcome Home Maggie!

"Maggie, are you ready to go home?" Her first time in her car seat.

Tired Brian carrying Maggie and the rest of our stuff to the car.

This mirror used to be empty :)

Here we are! We used the garage stairs to limit the climb for the recovering mommy. Once inside I gave Magnolia the tour of our house. We unpacked our stuff and began to get settled at home again. Then we headed to our doggie daycare to pick up the dogs and introduce them to our new family member.

Otis checking Magnolia out.

Back home: "Who's the human puppy??"

To our surprise, Otis, the one that normally wants to greet everyone with a lick, briefly sniffed Maggie and then went to find his bone. Trudy, on the other hand, was very curious.


Then it was time for our first diaper change at home. Papa does the majority of them.

She blessed us with a diaper full of transition poo.


therachel said...

Fun to see the pics of Maggie at home with her "siblings..." I also enjoy that you guys aren't afraid of posting pictures of poo on the blog! Is that the "new parent pride" for you...?

Dena said...

love them all. especially the one with Trudy kissing her...SO SWEET. What a fun bond they have already....

you guys seem so at ease. Or are you just good photographers?

AmberOwen said...

She's so incredibly cute, you guys. I love how angry she looks at having been put in the dreaded carrier! Not to mention how satisified with herself she looks at her diaper change. :) Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Grandma Rush says: Maggie looks about as happy in her carseat as Ella always did. No matter where she is and whether crying or not, she's still beautiful!