Friday, March 21, 2008

Justin Elias Owen

Our friends from church, Matt and Amber Owen (Amber is a frequent commenter on this blog) finally had their son, Justin just before midnight on March 19th. We attended the same birth class on the Bradley method. But they too went two weeks overdue and had to adjust their birth plan from their desired non-medicated birth. After a long difficult labor, the Owen family is recovering and getting to know each other.

Last night we got a chance to visit them at the hospital. It was great to see them and compare details of our birth stories with a couple that we have walked through each stage of pregnancy so close together.

Since children are not allowed in the birth center, we left Magnolia with her Auntie Alli for our quick trip. It was a little weird leaving her for the first time. But Alli did a great job as her first babysitter. The following is what we came home to...

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Anonymous said...

pretty cute babysitter you've got there!