Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rushcapades Year in Review, 2008

You may have to humor us here. We realize not everyone is going to click through the gazillion links we've posted but Shannon and I enjoyed looking back on 2008 and wanted to compile some highlights. For your enjoyment--or just ours--some stats and favorites:

Blog Entries Posted in 2008: 155

Continents on which Rushcapades was Viewed: 5. Come on South America, what's your deal?! Actually we don't look at our stats very often. Have any of you visited South America and checked our blog?

Most Page Views in a Day: 500+ on the day Shannon went into labor with Maggie!

The Post that Received the Most Comments: This is with a total of 35 comments!

Our Favorite Inidividual Comment: The two by Mom G in response to Beards over Babies

Our Favorite Sequence of Comments: Nicknames for Magnolia

Shannon's Favorite Post of Her Own: Postpartum, shhh...writing this one was very therapeutic.

Shannon's Favorite Post of Brian's: The Birth Story in all its favorite post of the bunch is this one.

Brian's Favorite Post of His Own: The birth story was a labor of love but since Shannon already chose it I'll say Conversations from the School Bus. I'll also mention the prequel to the birth story--Introducing...--in which we actually thought we were having Magnolia early!

Brian's Favorite Post of Shannon's: Naked Time. Disgusting and hilarious.

The Post We Had the Most Fun Writing Together: Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

Some Other Favorites: Debeardification Process, Nana's Time with her Special Little Someone, Five Generations of First Born Daughters, Bath Time Belly Bulges, Rest in Peace, RIP Puppy, Shannon's Dream, Proud Parents of, You're Twelve and You're Buying Shoes, and Hello Again.

Some Recurring Themes: Babies, Birthiversaries, Pregnancy, Beards, and Poop

If you have your own blog, what are your favorite posts? Post links in the comments.

Or if you have favorites from other blogs post those too!


Mandi said...

I love reviews like these, thanks for sharing! They're especially great for someone like me who just started reading your blog not too long ago. I clicked back to your postpartum post, and was so relieved by your honesty -- I wish more women would share like that!

I also find it very cathartic to look back on my own blog and see where life has taken me -- especially during those moments when I feel like I'm standing still! Here are a couple of my own favorites:

Happy new year!

Shannon Rush said...

Thanks Mandi! I have really enjoyed reading your blog now and learning about your adventures. You are a great writer!