Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Debeardification Process

When I met Brian, in May of 1999, he looked like this except with longer hair:
(This was taken in April of 2000 at an SPU event before we were dating)

The first year or so that I knew Brian the goatee came and went. Here are some examples of what I fell in love with. :) 

When we started dating, the goatee became permanent but varied in length as did his hair. Until the winter of 2007 when he decided to grow a beard.  That beard was pretty normal and didn't last too long. This winter the beard reappeared and he decided to grow it out. This is what it ended up looking like:

Reluctantly, he decided to shave it, planning for weeks how to make the most of the debeardification process. Thanks to our friend Josh we have awesome documentation. Enjoy!

Friendly Mutton Chops with Chin Puff and a little extra Flare
The Winnfield with Petit Goatee
Fu Manchu
Fu Manchu with girl's face??!
Ol' Lopsided Pouty
Short Fu Manchu
Copstache Standard
Anyone seen my donkey?
Charlie Chaplin

Fourteen Again

For those of you that were excited to see Brian clean shaven after almost 8 years, don't be surprised if the beard reappears. The stubble is already back. This process was way too fun for him not to do it again. 


Anonymous said...

I would say that the beard would be worthy of mourning - but the photo-documentation is just too joyful! Goodbye, Brian's Beard. We'll miss you. And apparently so will "Wendy".

James Moes said...

I want to see this young fourteen year old in the last frame!

Kori said...

WOW! I love the photo-documentation. I wish these were printed out and we could look at them like a flipbook. Then it would be as if we were there for the actual event. I like beard-free-Brian.

Dena said...

this is quite possibly the best post i have ever seen. ever. anywhere.

i feel lame posting things about my kids all the time. i wish i had a beard to post pictures of.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for debeardification process 2.0...

... and Wanda Jr.

Chris Erickson said...

wah WAH!