Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alvin, Simon, Magnolia?

One of Magnolia's bottom teeth broke through her gums yesterday. The tooth next to it is nearly there. The chipmunk look is just around the corner. She has done pretty well so far; a bit more fussy and having a hard time sleeping. Maggie doesn't like the cold teething toys, but she does like to chew on your finger (which is starting to hurt). She wants to be held a lot and often lays her head on your shoulder -- super sweet, but tiring. I am hoping to post a picture soon so her Papa can see, but she does't really like me messing with her mouth.

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squeekymomma said...

How exciting!! There's no turning back now, Maggie! Big girl, here we come! Now you can REALLY lay in to those toys and give them a good chewing - let's just keep it to toys though, and not mommy. ;)