Monday, July 14, 2008


During weekly camp outs at Camp Firwood I perfected my favorite standard S'more recipe:

  • Spread peanut butter on half a graham cracker

  • Put chocolate on top of peanut butter

  • Place cracker combo on foil on a rock at the edge of the coals so the chocolate softens

  • Roast marshmallow until golden brown

  • Squeeze marshmallow off roasting stick between prepared cracker and a second cracker

In the years following my summers at Firwood, my sister and I have experimented with various candy bars to replace the traditional Hershey's chocolate -- Our favorites are Milky Way and Peppermint Patties -- so we were excited to see coconut marshmellows at the store yesterday. We had yet to experiment with the marshmallow in s'mores and we both love chocolate dipped macaroons so we had to try them.

Our verdict: They tasted very similar to a macaroon, were best with dark chocolate, rich enough that you didn't want to eat many.

Warning: If you try the coconut marshmallows, they are very HOT after they are roasted. I recieved a huge blister on my finger when trying to position mine on my cracker.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy this campfire treat? Leave a recipe in the comments and participate in the poll!


Jen said...

Graham cracker spread w/ nutella and a perfectly toasted marshmallow.


Eastfield Faculty said...

Ooohhh...Nutella sounds good! My mom and I have a new favorite, which I assume would be like your new recipe: Reeces Peanut butter cups instead of chocolate. YUMMMMm.. I'm making myself hungry just writing this.

Anonymous said...

My friend Jen sent me the link to this entry about 24 hours before we went camping, and we were happy to try out your method this past weekend. Thanks for posting -- the chocolate warming near the fire is clearly the way to go, and my peanut-butter-loving husband was thrilled with the addition of PB!

Anonymous said...

sorry -- maybe this link works?

Shannon Rush said...

antof9 your s'more looks so good! I am glad you liked it. Jen, I can't wait to try Nutella. That sounds great!