Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Just over 24 hours into our trip, while eating lunch with people from Brian's grad program, the LA area experienced an earthquake. Since Magnolia was born I have had several dreams where we are in the middle of a disaster (explosions, tsunamis, you know the usual ones) and I have to figure out how to keep her safe. Today, in real life, as the ground began to shift, Brian and I looked across the table at one another and then down at Magnolia with a unified look of "What do we do?" Maggie, still in her car seat, was quickly swept under the table. We joined her as the ground finished shaking. The news reported the epicenter was about 15 miles East of the restaurant and measured 5.4. We are all safe and the adrenaline helped us devour a little more of the 15 varieties of meat that were offered at the Brazilian BBQ buffet. 

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