Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy 5 Month Birthiversary!

We're a couple days late in posting (Brian's papers took computer precedence - sheesh!) but we did celebrate on time. I didn't want our stay in APU campus housing to stop us from our cupcake tradition. It took some creativity but we managed.  Let's just put it this way: I now know that there are 48 teaspoons in a cup. 

When I started these monthly birthiversary pictures, I didn't think about how I was going to photograph my mobile baby with an increasing number of cupcakes without her wanting them. This month she nearly got them. 

Magnolia's weight growth slowed down a little this month -- 17.75 pounds -- perhaps due to her increase in activity. If you have been visiting the blog this month you already know that she has been doing A LOT of jumping and swimming. Add in rolling and this girl gets a pretty good daily workout. You've also probably seen that Magnolia was in fact teething as I wrote last month's update. I think that the top teeth might be working their way down now. 

We had a lot of Mother-Daughter bonding this month while Brian was away - learning songs and games, reading stories, and nearly sleepless nights. Her snuggles are more rare as she doesn't want to slow down long enough, but that makes them all the more precious. Her favorite game is peekaboo. It can almost always cure the "crabby patties" even if just for a moment. She continues to be a very happy baby, laughing easily (though sometimes it sounds fake), in spite of the chaos and numerous changes. All of this time together has led us to a new phase of mama attachment.  

Magnolia did not comply with Brian's wish for her to not change this month while he was away. When Maggie and I arrived in California, one of the first things Brian noticed was how much control she now has over her body. She easily picks  up and manipulates "toys," transferring them from hand to hand, inspecting every inch. She really enjoys scratching everything to see what sound it will make -- her favorite is canvas. Fabrics are fascinating. One night, she spent a really long time petting her Grandma Pat's silky bathrobe. Maggie isn't crawling yet, but she sure is trying. For awhile she was doing a version of the break dance move called the Worm, only she was on her back. She does a lot of rocking back and forth on her tummy. 

While Magnolia was working on her motor control this month, it seemed like her vocal development slowed. She did not produce many new sounds this month, but she did seem to become more sophisticated in her use of her vocal chords. Crying for attention and yelling when she couldn't have what she wanted were two new developments. They both caused a bit of parenting anxiety as I anticipate she will be an independent (and strong-willed?) little girl.

As for parenting developments, I started using sign language with her this month. They say it takes a few weeks before there is recognition and could be months before she uses a sign back to you. Though in my mind I am confident in the power of signing with your baby after seeing its effectiveness with others, but I still can't help but wonder and feel a bit foolish at times. 

Coming Next Month: Crawling? Baby-proofing our house. Sitting up on her own? Eating solid food. And--please, please, please--Sleeping through the Night???


Anonymous said...

are those peach-o's on Maggie's cupcakes?


emily said...

happy 5 mos mags! we can't wait to hang out with you and your parents, it's been waay too long!! i feel like we haven't hung out all summer...

The Hansens said...

Shannon, I've begun signing with Benji too & it really does help. Especially the sign for milk or "nursies" as we call it, & the sign for water seem to ease his frustration in telling us what he wants. :) Good luck with signing & hang in there. - Ginny