Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 6 Month Birthiversary!

Our litle girl is 1/2! No we didn't miss her birthiversary. We are just a bit behind on our blogging as we've been busily gettting ready for the school year. Speaking of busy, Magnolia is BUSY! So many new developments just this week! Instead of the usual long birthiversary post, we will be posting a milestone or two over the next few days. Did you notice the one shown here? Magnolia is now sitting up unassisted!


Jodi said...

Happy half-birthday Miss Magnolia!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Birthiversaries! I think this is a fabulous tradition that you have started. These are some of my favourite posts...I always look forward to hearing the milestones of the month past and seeing the fun variety of cupcake that Shannon comes up with. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop! Love, Natalie

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Go Maggie! I can't wait to read up on what you're up to these days!
Maggie's face seems to have grown up quite a bit in the last month - less like a cute baby, and more like an adorable little girl! ... and SO cute in her little dress!