Thursday, August 21, 2008

You know your child's clothes are too small when...

Her outfit looks pretty cute from the front...

Then you turn her around and see that she has a wedgie in spite of her diaper!


emily said...

is this a plea to the grandmas for new clothes? :) hee hee

she's still super cute!! i'm sure the cloth diaper isn't helping her cause (filling out the pants a little more).

keely's legs are always longer than clothes so the crotch rides up and pants are really short in one pieces too.

you're beautiful no matter what you're in munchie!

Stacey said...

I hear you on this issue, it feels like there is always someone in our house who is too big for their britches.

Shannon Rush said...

Definitely not a plea for new clothes. :) The Grandmas, great-grandmas, aunts and uncles have already well supplied this next phase. It is always sad for me when I need to pack up her clothes. She wears them for such a short period of time I try to keep them on her as long as possible, but then I end up cutting the next size's window of wearablity. Sigh.

Amazingly, she wasn't in cloth for this picture. I think the cloth diaper might have actually helped prevent a wedgie. :)

Anonymous said...

plus also... shall we mention that this out fit looks a little like a MC Hammer parachute pant/jump suit :)

Lets hear it maggie, "Its hammer time!"

She is cute as can be... I can't wait to see her soon!!

Aunty Alli