Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Year In Unpublished Pictures

We're back! Blogging got put on the back burner as we dealt with craziness this month: school closure due to flooding, Brian's January session in California, and final exams. I've been working on this post for weeks! I wanted to finish it before I went on to another post, but kept running into road blocks.

Some friends'--the Amundsons--posted their favorite picture from each month of the previous year that didn't make it to their blog. Here is my attempt at the same...
January ~ Well, I can't find any of our January pictures (roadblock). Our friends threw us a great shower, we went up to Mt. Baker for a weekend, and I know we have baby bump and nursery painting pictures somewhere, but I can't find them. This one was taken later, but it can stand in.

February ~ A month of waiting...This picture is from one of many walks on the beach trying to get my labor started.

March ~ Our Family! Our friend Meg Nelson, took this picture (and the one I used in January) as a part of a practice photo shoot.

April ~ I just think this one is funny. "I pity da foo who dudn't like my mohawk!"

May ~ Our friend, Josh took one of my all time favorite pictures of Magnolia.

June ~ It's amazing how quickly she gets over things!

July ~ The girls went to Priest Lake and Everett for some fun with the Gracey family.

Meanwhile, Brian was in California studying...wait a minute, that doesn't look like studying. His "mod" was the cool hang out 'cause he and his roommate held regular Dance! Dance! Revolution and Karaoke parties.

August ~ Magnolia and I spent a lot of time "hiking" with the dogs in the off leash area around Lake Padden.

September ~ We drove to Seattle to meet up with some special college friends that are now all around the world. Jen and Magnolia became good friends.

We also went to LaConner for lunch to celebrate my Grandma Gracey's birthday. "Hmm, do you have any green pea and tofu dishes??"

October ~ The big event in October was Dad Rush's birthday and retirement. We celebrated by getting the entire family to dress like Dad -- Plaid short-sleeved button ups, pens and spiral notepads in shirt pocket, slacks or shorts with belt, and dress socks and leather shoes. He's a trend setter.

Our niece Ella also had the brilliant idea to put red marks on our hands since his hands are always cut from working in his shop. Unfortunately, it was one of the only times Dad Rush didn't wear a short sleeved plaid shirt, but you can see some of the other Clive trademarks below.

November ~ We ended our fall cheering on Brian's volleyball team. Magnolia loved to scream (kinda sounded like a garbage disposal that someone forgot to turn off) along with the crowd while sporting her Raider colors.

The orange liquor box continued to be a favorite toy.

December ~ Bear suit clad (her third suit! Brian swears this is the only outfit she needs)Magnolia in the forest of Christmas trees!


Jen said...

Woo-hoo!!! I made the blog! :) I'm so glad we had that time at Green Lake!

Love the pic of Magnolia piled with stuff animals and I have to agree with Brian that the bear suit is just about the cutest thing ever on your little girl. :)

Brian said...

Nice work Jen. You're in as many pics as I am.

Jacob, Lisa and Charlie said...

WHAT!! I thought Jacob was studying 24/7... :)