Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy 11 Month Birthiversary!

Well, this is Magnolia's last Birthiversary Post. It's so hard to believe it has almost been a year.

This was a fun month. Munchkin may just be at the peak of her cuteness.


She loves to explore and climb and is surprisingly agile. All this movement may have led to our recent development of SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! She is now going 12 hours regularly without any interaction with us. Hallelujah!

Magnolia's Office

Maggie's eating habits haven't changed much, other than being a little more opinionated. She is starting to enjoy some of the same foods we are eating: pasta and tomato sauce, pancakes, bagels. I love sharing breakfast with my girl! Also of note, the tips of tooth #9 -- her first molar -- have just broken the surface.

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Magnolia, like her Mama and Papa, now loves books! She will sit still for book after book as we read together, sometimes turning the pages correctly on her own.

Her new found love of "reading" has made its way into her independent play time too. Magnolia's favorite "reading" spot is IN one of her two book boxes. She will often sit for long periods of time turning pages and pointing at pictures while babbling her own language.
Most of her words are still indistingishable, though she seems to go through phases of practicing a sound for a day or two. Tonight the sound was ssssss or thsis, but has been "pwuh" (softly) and "bwuh" a lot lately. Sometimes it seems like she has a word for book and a word for dog, but it is unclear. Maggie still signs every once in a while when her pointing and vocalizations don't get her what she wants but it's pretty rare.

"No Touch" is losing its effectiveness as Maggie tests our reactions. Her intense interest in the fridge magnets, which are a little too small for her to play with unsupervised, has turned into an obsession that spells heart break any time they're denied. These moments are brief now but give us a taste of what is next on our parenting adventure: discipline.

Who me?

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