Friday, January 30, 2009

Sex Poll

Last time we asked our friends what the sex of our baby would be there was no doubt. Over 90% somehow knew Magnolia was a girl, and 1 or 2 of the 3 votes for boy were just couples hedging their bets.

We are dying to know this time if Maggie is getting a sister or a brother. Two weeks until our ultrasound appointment but we don't wanna wait that long. That's why we're asking our friends and family, whom we now know to be collectively psychic.

So clear your mind, align your chakras, scatter your chicken bones or whatever you need to do to tell us the sex of our baby!

The poll's on the side but we'd love it if you left a comment too!


Jodi said...

Sweet...I should definitely be reading more blogs with posts titled "Sex Poll". Joking.

Okay, I've got to say that I'm really feeling boy for you guys. I should also mention that my sex guesses are almost always wrong. But I'm voting boy.

Brian said...

I voted boy too. Mostly 'cause I'm kinda hoping for one. That way no matter how many kids we end up having we know we've at least got one of each.

Two more pieces of (contradictory) evidence for you:

-The nurse at one of our appointments forecasted a girl based on heart rate

-For the last few years I've been trying to sell Shannon on my favorite boy name. She thought it was okay at first but it wasn't a front runner. Then one day while she was alone, she was all of the sudden convinced that, yes, this should be the name of our son. She didn't know it at the time, she hadn't taken the test, but that day was one of the first days of her pregnancy. Was it merely coincidence that almost immediately after conception she knew what we should name our first son or did she someone know what was in there?

theRachel said...

I'll let you know my thoughts once I've aligned my chakras.

What is your boy name? (I'm not thinking you'll actually spill the beans for that on here, just thought I'd ask).

Brian said...


Dena said...

I have to admit, JUST the title of your post made me want to read it. I was thinking to myself...HOLY COW--IT'S COME TO THIS??!

Yes, you guys are normal...2 times a week is A LOT in married with children terms! :0 Did I JUST say that??!!

I'm voting boy---but ONLY because of the crazy maternal instinct that Shannon must have felt!! Otherwise, it's totally a girl. :)

Either way, it's a baby right??!

The Hansens said...

Girl, girl, girl. :)

Brian said...


Anonymous said...

I think that my next grandbaby will also be a girl. I have watched Shannon as her pregnancy has advanced and so much of it is the same. However, unlike Miss Magnolia I believe that this little miss will be quiet, laid-back and mellow. She will follow her big sister anywhere and everywhere!
All that said, I may just be so afraid of the boy's name that I can't even imagine the possibility. :) But, I loved having a little boy myself so, if I am wrong I will be "over the moon" with a darling little grandson upon whom I shall bestow the nickname Beau.

Love to all,

The Horne's said...

I say girl because of how fast it happened. Not sure if that means anything, but still...I say girl.

Anonymous said...

Girl. I think Maggie needs a sister with an equally fun and beautiful name. (Which I have confidence all of your children will). :)


The Horne's said...

YES! I guessed right!!! Can't wait to hear what her name will be! Hope everything continues to go well! Taking the dogs to the dog park anytime soon? We'd love to see you guys!