Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

For those of you that don't know, I LOVE the snow. I check precipitation percentages hourly.

I was a little disappointed to miss the weekend dusting--oh those little granules of diamond dust floating like fairies to bless our world--in the middle of the night even if it did give us a 2 hour delay Monday morning.

Then we got another dusting last night. And I missed it again! Why do you spurn me, you frozen flakes of happiness?! But we got another 2 hour delay so I couldn't complain too much.

Then it started! Coming and coming, in its beautiful sparkly whiteness. Surely, they'll cancel school now, I thought. We live in a city that sold its snow plows(!) so the roads are always a wreck when there is even the slightest snow. It seems like no one knows how to drive in the powdery wonderfulness, especially not teenagers.
I waited until the very last minute to head to work. Alas, while every other school district in the area headed home early to bundle up and enjoy our wonderful winter wonderland of wonderfulness, our new superintendent (from Colorado, grumble grumble) made it clear we were going to make it through the day. Even the mayor sent his workers home! But we were strong...grumble grumble.

When I got home I begged Brian to bundle up and help me capture Magnolia's first experience with the pillowy crystals before dusk descended to whisper sweet-nothings to our newly enchanted fantasy land.

Enjoy the pics!


Anonymous said...

"What is this stuff?" I love it!!! Thanks for the update... It makes this auntie feel more connected :)


therachel said... should come visit Edmonton! We've got lots of snow...and -25 C temps to go along with it. Ha. I find the snow much more enjoyable when it isn't so darn cold out!

Jen said...

Ah, yes. We Coloradans do love to mock the NW folk for their freak-out reaction to small amounts of snow.

But I will refrain from mocking because when I was in high school, we had a superintendent from Alaska who never once gave us a snow day. Grrrrr.

Glad you got to enjoy it after work, though, and M's jumper is super cute.