Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 08 - Part 1

I feel like every blog I've been reading lately has a story about the stomach flu over this Christmas. Well, we're no different. I had it a few days prior to our planned travels, but thought it was just intense pregnancy nausea. Then the night before we were to head to my parents for Christmas part 1, Brian got it.

We took it easy the next morning, hoping the sickness would pass, and headed down much later than planned. The drive to Everett (1 hour South), felt like we were driving over a mountain pass with all the snow. It was heavenly. :)

My parents had a mission to have an "Unwrapped" Christmas this year. One that was relaxed, free from pressure, and focused on time spent together. My grandma, my Aunt Becky, and her two kids, Cheyenne and Jarod were able to join us from Yakima. My sister and--for one night--her boyfriend, Taylor were also there making my parents' house full of activity.

That first night was miserable. Magnolia got our sickness and didn't want to sleep in her pack and play because she could see us across the room. Since there were so many other people trying to sleep in the rooms around us, Brian and I were exhausted from trying to keep her quiet. None of us slept much after 1:30 am as she tossed and turned, cried and bit. How are we going to do this next year with two little ones??? The second night Grandma and Grandpa volunteered to have her pack and play in their dark walk-in closet in their room. Everyone slept much better!

The morning after we arrived, my dad and I made homemade pasta for the first time. Since my dad got a new video camera we taped the whole thing like it was a cooking show. Of course we weren't dramatic enough for my mom, so she coached us from the sidelines.

That afternoon, my mom took all of the girls to a spa to get massages for our "Unwrapped" Christmas gift. We also had a great time celebrating Aunt Becky's birthday at lunch afterward.

Later that night we exchanged a few(er?) gifts, mostly for Magnolia. It was the first time that she had opened a present. I don't think she really caught on, but she loved her gifts! She got really excited about a Piggy Back that her Great Grandma got her that sings and counts when you put in the plastic coins. She spent the rest of her awake time playing and dancing at the musical table her grandparents got for her.

After opening gifts, my Aunt Becky gave us her "Unwrapped" Christmas present -- Candy making lessons. Everyone received a variety of candy molds and she provided directions and supplies for us to make our own creations. Another fun time in the kitchen at the Gracey house!

It was a great visit and we left with lots of yummy chocolate, generous gifts and happy memories. Unfortately, we also left the flu. The Gracey-Robbins clan did not enoy the anticipated standing rib roast; all they could stomach was soup. Sorry about that :S

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Anonymous said...

Its ok.

It was great to see you and spend some quality time... next time lets shoot for quality and quantity!! yeah?