Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I have yet to experience the common pregnancy complaint of strangers touching my belly, but every time I go out I do have at least one stranger ask about my pregnancy.  Lately, I have been having a lot of fun answering the question "When are you due?" with one word "Thursday." Shocked, people usually say "What?! Wow!" and then continue excitedly with various other questions and comments like "And you're still driving!" 

Today, I tried my doctor's recommendation of Raspberry Tea to jump start labor.  Nothing yet. Maybe for dinner I will try his other recommendation: Eggplant Parmesan. Any other ideas?


Aimee said...

Bless your heart (and body!) in the last days of your pregnancy. I tried the eggplant, raspberry tea, blah blah blah...EVERYTHING that anyone suggested but nothing worked for me. Both babes were induced at almost 41 weeks. But, hey- they may work for you. For whatever its worth- as gross as eggplant sounds- I really liked it both times I ordered it. By the way, the question about driving is crazy! I was never asked that one, but I was molested by a million strangers. Next time I will post a sign on my belly that says "Hands Off." JK.

Anonymous said...

Not that I've ever been pregnant...but I've heard that Green Tea can be a labor inducer. And, my "sister" swears that a meal of red meat and potatoes always did the trick for her.

Glad to hear that you are well. Hope Brian is feeling better too!


Anonymous said...

Hi babe,

I was just thinking today that a rousing game of Dance Dance Revolution might just do the trick.

I love you,

Anonymous said...

A very greasy burger and it starts with s and ends with x. Sorry to be crass... but you asked:) Gretchen

Anonymous said...

what about a small glass of red wine at night... i heard that somewhere but I'm not sure if its true... or you could also try having brian take all of the speed bumps in town... as legend has it... mom and dad this when they where eagerly waiting for you!

i can't wait to meet her!

-aunty alli

AmberOwen said...

My midwife is wanting me to start a regimen of Evening Primrose Oil capsules soon. They have natural prostaglandins to get effacement going. She told me to get the big ones, and each day take one orally and one like a suppository vaginally. (gross, I know) She says it probably won't start labor, but often makes labor move/initiate more quickly when it does happen. Just thought I'd pass that along.

jono said...

Happy Due date!

kate said...

Thai food and alot of water. (this worked for the first)
Not wanting a second baby :) (that made her come early.)

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie,
I talked to grandma today and much to my amazement she went 12 days past my due date and then they induced labor and pulled me out (not recommending that). She also said Aunt Becky was three days late and only Mike came on her due date. Just some family trivia I thought you might be interested in knowing.
I hope you are going to the pool to get out of the house and keep from going stir crazy. Also, have you been sewing the curtains for the baby's room? That's something you enjoy and can be left undone if need be.
We'll see you soon!
I love you,

Anonymous said...

Hello my beautiful neice!! Here are my two cents...relax and enjoy each day! She will arrive when she is ment to arrive and not a moment sooner. Just because we can't wait to meet her doesn't mean she is all that eager to meet US!! Just kidding. Everything happens for a reason and when it is suppose to, so as long as you are BOTH doing okay...ENJOY, REST and RELAX!
Love you (all 3 of you)
Aunt Becky

Anonymous said...

Hey there, just heard that we are due to have a total lunar eclipse this evening. I'm wondering if Qwanesha is going to feel the planatary pull and want to come out and see that amazing event! Just a thought. They say more babies are born during storms than any other time, how about during a solar eclipse?

Anonymous said...

Oh well, guess she wasn't interested! What would you think of starting a new pool on when she'll make her entrance? Of course there is still one person in the running to win the first pool and that's her mama so maybe we need to wait another day. :) Hope you're right honey! If so it will only serve to strengthen the "mothers intuition" theory.
Enjoy the day!