Thursday, February 21, 2008

Non-stress Test

Today, little Qwanesha had her first test, an NST or Non-stress Test. Around 40 weeks of pregnancy the placenta, which has been transferring sustenance between me and baby, can start to deteriorate. So my doctor's office just wanted to make sure she was still healthy by checking that her heart rate elevates with movement and subsides with rest.

The nurse reclined me on the examination table and then rolled in a cart with a little machine on it and strapped a heart monitor to my belly. I was handed a glass of ice water with a straw and a button to push whenever the baby moved. Brian thought I looked kind of funny, like a beach bum about to detonate her belly. The nurse left the room and the machine started spitting out a line graph of little baby's fluctuating heart rate.

A few minutes later, the nurse popped her head back in and asked "Is she doing gynamstics in there?!" I told her she is always VERY active. She told me that I could stop pushing the button because she could hear her moving all the way in the hall. Then the nurse looked at the print out and proclaimed that it was already a "beautiful NST," but we would give it a few more minutes for good measure.

That's the good news. Our girl is very healthy and reactive. The bad news is that she is still inside me. I know that many of you are checking our blog or calling to hear news of her grand entrance. But true to Rush form, she is starting out life late. At least she is not stressed about it.

Brian has been incredibly supportive as I have battled roller-coaster emotions as the days go by. He keeps reminding me that the average first pregnancy is 41 weeks and a day. I don't know what he is going to say after tomorrow.

The doctor I was supposed to see had four women in labor at the hospital. (I guess some babies did respond to the lunar eclipse, Mom) But kindly enough another doctor stepped in to talk to us about our options. They are pretty respectful of the fact that Brian and I would like to have a natural non-medicated childbirth. But since induction is non-natural she talked us through each option and tried to prepare us for needing to deviate from our plan. According to her, after 42 weeks the probability of complications due to placental decline significantly increases, but the induction process for first time moms is not always easy. So our doctor's office likes to avoid it if possible and they hope to give us the natural birth we desire.

Our next steps are to do another NST and see the doctor on Monday. At that point we will decide on our method of induction and schedule it at the childbirth center, later that week. Hopefully, we will have a birthday party before that.


emily said...

I'm so glad the NST went well! I always thought it was so fun to hear the whoosh of the heartbeat and whump of is very "Rush" of her to be on her own we shall patiently wait and pray! Although you can't have her soon enough, I hope you can take advantage and truly enjoy the last bit of time childless!

Anonymous said...

Good to know. I'm so glad I thought to check your blog before I turned my computer off. I think she's moving around because she's running out of room and can't get comfortable any more. I'm sure, like you, she would rather come into this world on her own terms. Let's hope she decides to join us before your Monday appointment. She certainly does have the attention of everyone who cares about you both!


erinn::haley said...

praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I know just how your feeling- I was never in favor of inductions until my babies never came, then it sounded great. I am impressed by your patience, the end of pregnancys are certainly roller coaster-y. Hang in there!!!!

Rob & Bre Ann Gilfillan said...

So glad that your test went well! It was great seeing you today! Hang in there you are almost done! -Bre Ann

The Hornes'es said...

Praying for you! Glad to know she's healthy! We can't wait to hear the news when it happens!!

The Hansens said...

Hi guys! We're praying for you too! I had to get induced for medical reasons too (contractions wouldn't start after my water broke)despite wanting a non-drug birth. My only unsolicited advice to you is to hold to your guns as long as you can in not inducing, because it is more difficult not to have drugs when you use drugs to start the thing... Just remember that even when/if the birth doesn't go exactly as you'd hoped or "planned," that the Lord is still in CONTROL (even if you feel out of control), & He did have it planned for ya. He who has been faithful to bring this little one to life inside you, will be faithful to you through the birth process. May you feel protected & comforted by His Spirit. Hang in there Shannon, Ginny

Anonymous said...

Just another unsolisited word on induction. I don't know if you remember me mentioning it but I was induced with your brother because I was developing toxemia. I went in with no labor signs at 4:00 in the afternoon. They started the petosin drip and the contractions started soon after. They were the same intensity as non-induced contractions but less time in between. I was able to breathe through them and managed to do well without any other meds. He was born about 4 hours later.

I just wanted you to know that, although it's not what you have been planning, if the doctor thinks it needs to be done, you will be just fine and so will your baby!

I love you!

Kori said...

Praying for you guys and can't wait to hear your good news!

AmberOwen said...

Come on, Qwanesha! We know you want out!
I'm thinking happy-non-induced-labor thoughts for you today, Shannon! HUGS. Prayin' for ya too.

Sheryl (Agape) said...

I can't believe Qwanesha is not here yet! Just want to let you know there are several of us praying for you, Shannon (and Brian). It won't be long now!