Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brief Update. More to Come.

Just want to let everyone know that everything is going well. Shannon is healthy and handling the contractions amazingly.

Baby is also "fabulous," as the nurse often remarks. She heard that Papa was rooting for a leapling and she didn't want to disappoint our readership, which has voted, in a come from behind victory, 18-15 in favor of a leap day baby, so she's taking her sweet time.

The doc isn't pushing induction either because things are progressing and the baby is doing really well.

She let Shannon have peanut butter toast with her standard jello and broth dinner and Shannon deemed it "the best meal ever."

Thank you all for your incredible enthusiasm! It is fun to check comments every once in a while.


Rob & Bre Ann Gilfillan said...

Thanks for the update! I keep checking your blog for updates! Shannon is a lucky girl for some toast! I remember starving! Let us know if we can do anything for you guys or bring you anything.

Josh D said...

Go Shannon! Go! (and you too Brian)


auntie mel said...

no kiddding! they starved me....and nothing to drink either! way to go shannon!! soon soon soon......come on leapling!

Anonymous said...

Baby Rush in NOT in a rush!! What's up with that. She is going to be AWESOME...everything is going to be on her time frame so if you guys aren't use to it by now I think you better start! She is a girl after her Aunt Becky's heart. I can't wait to hold her and spoil her. If she only knew how many people are waiting to treat her like a princess she would fly out of there. lol
Love you guys! Hang in there Shannon it is sooooooooo worth it.
Love ya, Aunt becky

emily said...

just for the record, the vote was for inducing a leapling, not one naturally...

i hope you guys got my note! i'm in the hospital tomorrow so let me know when i can stop by (sans keely)!!!

still praying..can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Leaping, leapy, leapilizer, leapmorphopicantilaser, divided by 4...c'mon, Quanesha, you can do it

tha Kennedyz

jono said...

We are eagerly awaiting the news..
So happy that everything is going well. Way to go Shannon! I hope that labor is everything you thought it would be. :) Welcome Baby Girl...soon.

erinn::haley said...

so exciting so exciting. praying for you shannon, and brian and lil qwanesha!

Jodi said...

Qwan's gonna be a leapling!!!

I can't wait to wake up in the morning and check in. Still praying for you Shannon, and for that sweet baby girl. :)

The Hornes'es said...

Good to see you Brian, and family at the hospital. I'm glad we were in town tonight!
Keep strong Shannon! Yes, this little Rush is in no Rush, that's for sure.
Soon - Soon!

Anonymous said...

This is more exciting than a New Years Baby! And, because it is your little girl!

jono said...

OK, Ok, I will just go to bed...incase your blog stats don't tell you- I am obsessed with checking up how how things are going. I think my OCD is taking over, I have probably checked your blog 20 times in the past hour alone. As if you are going to blog the minute she arrives. Silly me! You are going to be too busy falling in love with Q, and taking in all that comes with being a daddy (and mommy, if your reading this Shannon) for the first. Everything about the first baby is so magical and overwhelming. Praying and thinking of you three. I am SO excited for you! I remember delivering Hudson, it was nothing short of amazing. SO much adrenaline!! OK, I am done. I am just so happy for you. Babies are the raddest ever.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like it is 4am and still no baby... as far as we know from the waiting room. Shannie, we are praying for you and brian and little one!! And I'm sure you're doing wonderfully with your awesome coach!

Its pretty crazy... but there is another family here [well a pair of grandparents to be] waiting for their baby grand-daughter to be born. She was due on the same day as baby rush, her water broke at the same time, they came to the hospital an hour or two after you guys did, they where going the natural birth plan route but needed help getting things going about the same time, and these two little girls are going to share the same fun leap year birthday! They are Leapling twins! Its just been a fun little community thing out here in the waiting room! I think very therapeutic and memorable for both sets of grandparents!

Well, Just posting to say that we love you (even though you probably will get this after we see you!) and we are all so glad you gave us the opportunity to come, even to just sit! It is such a special day, and I look forward to the birthday celebration, hearing the beautiful name of my little niece, and looking into those eyes as I hold her ever so carefully! <[honestly, I'm a little scared of that part :)

I Love you all!
-lil' sis/SIL/auntie alli