Monday, February 25, 2008

Bad Question = New Poll

If you were one of the 5 people that voted already on the Leap Day question, sorry you will have to vote again. The way I worded the first question made it hard for people to answer, so I deleted that poll. What I really want to know is if you had to induce or have a c-section, something that gave you some choice in your baby's birthday, would you choose to give your baby a Leap Day birthday?

P.S. If you comment using the anonymous button, type your name because it makes it so much more fun when we know who thinks what.


emily said...

First off, isn't the point of "anonymous" to avoid using your name? he he.

Okay, no I would not purposefully chose Leap Day as a birthday, cuz ya, the kid would totally get screwed out of legit b-days! I mean, if you can't help it, and it just turns out that way then at least it's a fun story, but in general, I like birthdays to have their own distinct day (not a holiday or someone you know's bday)

just my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

I agree that Leap Year should be avoided. I like birthdays and I would be sad if I didn't get a "real one" every year.

Hope you are well! :) Natalie

Amundson Updates said...

Leap year would be awesome.
It is almost like being born in an alternate universe where everything aligns only on Olympic years.Plus, you would still have legit bdays, and the 'actual' date would be like quadrupally special. You would get to tell people cool things like when you turn 16 and you're actually 4. Plus, Dec. 25th isn't Jesus' real birthday but he doesn't seem to mind having it on a holiday.


Anonymous said...

All I can think of is "Pirates of Penzance" and the fact that a leap year birthday caused someone to owe 84 years of servitude instead of 21. I would probably avoid it though it is also probably all about how you sell it to your daughter. If you make it coool, she will probably like it.

James Moes said...

For sure! Not only will the absent annual birthdays still be be celebrated, but the leap year true birthdays will become absolutely monumentous spectacular celebrations!

James Moes said...

For sure! Not only will the absent annual birthdays still be be celebrated, but the leap year true birthdays will become absolutely monumentous spectacular celebrations!

Anonymous said...

All of these friends have made interesting points. I would have said no for the same reasons Emily, Natalie and Sarah mentioned but Jaek and James have good thoughts too. I think that I would choose 2-28-2008as a birth date if I had a choice, just because I like the number sequence better.

Mom (soon to be Nana)

Jodi said...

First of all, the new poll makes more sense. :)

Second, I can not believe people are voting no! How special are you if your birthday is on Leap Day?! Every single time people ask you your birthday and you say "February 29th" they'd be all "No way!" and stuff! I would pay $100 right now to have my birthday be February 29. Or to have my kid's birthday be February 29. If your birthday is Leap Day then you celebrate it on the 28th the other three years and your party is just as legit. Leap Day birthdays ROCK.

Brian said...

I think I've been won over by the zeal of the leapling embracers:

Alternate universes!


Quadruply special!

Absolutely monumentous spectacular celebrations!


(The servitude would suck, but we'll teach her that lesson early and she can totally use it to her advantage)

Anonymous said...

I'm all about fun birthdays...anything that might make it more special for a child and their family to celebrate it. You could have so many options and creativity for making it fun every year. Go for the leap year!


AmberOwen said...

On the one hand, my elementary school gym teacher, Mr. Triplett, was born on Feb. 29. I remember it being such a big deal to all the kids when he turned 10 (ie 40). I can't believe I remember that day... Looking back though, he did seem to enjoy taunting the brains of 9 year olds with the idea that someone could be an adult AND only be 10!
On the other hand, the idea of being 40 and only having gotten 10 actual birthdays seems like it might be kinda dissappointing. Plus, the milestone ages of 18 and 21 would always fall outside a real birthday year.

Kori said...

I think it would be special to be original.
Praying for you guys and can't wait to hear your good news. I'm checking the blog every day!

Anonymous said...

Does Brian's comment mean that you're going for an induction on Friday?

Just wondering!
Mom G

Auntie Mel said...

Leap year baby would be very cool. then when you are chronologically 60 years you could still truthfully say 'actually i'm only 15.' AND the Rushes never celebrate birthdays on actual birthdays so that argument is voided. (doesn't everyone celebrate on the weekend near their birthday anyways)oh, i have to go, jamie is squishing a loaf of bread on the floor.