Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mambo and Improv

Brian and I rotate who takes the lead in planning Valentine's Day each year. This year it was Brian's turn and since our baby is due on Valentine's Day we decided to celebrate early just in case we are a little busy next week.

So, last night Brian took me to a cute Italian place in Fairhaven (an area of Bellingham) called Mambo Italiano Cafe. He had won a gift certificate from a local radio contest awhile back--Brian wins a lot of these--and we had heard great things about it. My dinner was delicious and I would recommend it if you are looking for Italian in Bellingham.

Next, we went to Village Books to look for a fun (non-baby related) book for me to read while I'm passing the time, followed by a relaxing dessert at Mallard Ice Cream playing Outburst on their couch.

Finally, we ended the evening at the UpFront Theatre, a comedy improv place owned by Ryan Stiles of The Drew Carey Show and Who's Line is it Anyway? The show was called Hellingham, a murder mystery where the players randomly pick characters created by the audience and a role (killer, victim or townsperson) and then improv the story without revealing their role. At intermission the audience gets a chance to vote for their guess of the identity of the murderer. Brian and I didn't guess correctly, but we laughed pretty hard. It was a nice twist on improv. If you are in Bellingham with nothing to do, they have one more show at 9:30 tonight. But buy your tickets in advance because they sold out last night.

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Brian said...

Hellingham. Aren't I romantic??