Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Labor Kickstart Strategy: We are Entering Phase 2


√ - Pound Cake

√ - Ice Cream

√ - Raspberry Tea

√ - Greasy Hamburger

√ - Spicy Food

√ - Eggplant Parmesan

√ - Walking

√ - Jumping

√ - Sex

√ - Significant Change in Barometric Pressure

√ - Lunar Eclipse

√ - Tempting Murphy's Law by Leaving the Country

√ - Politely Asking Baby to Come Out

√ - Reasoning with Baby


√ - Shouting at Baby

√ - Bribery

√ - Blackmail

 - Dance Dance Revolution

 - Organized Protest

 - Hunger Strike

 - Psychological Warfare

 - Bald-faced Threats

 - Swinging Shannon Around by her Arms

 - Upright Bungee Jumping

 - Vacuum Suction

 - Pliers

 - Garden Hose Enema


Anonymous said...

I say give Dance Dance Revolution a try! If nothing else you'll get some excercise and have fun. You could even throw in a "swing Shannon around by the arms" but I would advise against the garden hose enema idea. Ouch!

Mom G

The Hornes'es said...

I think the hunger strike is a great idea!

The Hornes'es said...
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KRush said...

Try hula-hooping and skipping rope at the same time! You might need a REALLY BIG hula-hoop though!

Amundson Updates said...

I like that you are finding the square root of all that stuff. You need some...


kate said...

castrol (sp?) oil? sounds awful. heard it works.

just think of it as learning that your child doesn't come when you want them to. it will come in handy when their 2.

BTW. I'm married to Dave Ahl. He worked at firwood for a while and we know the kendall's. I'm not a crazy stalker, I promise.

Josh D said...

Please tell me you got THREE steps into phase TWO in ONE day.

Cause that would make for a PRETTY AWESOME day.

AmberOwen said...

You poor things! We should all just get together by blog and submit to Qwanesha a well-worded eviction notice. Maybe she'd rather change residence than pay lawyers and fines...

Anonymous said...

how do you upright bungee jump? Does that mean you are tied in by your neck?!?!