Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year in Unpublished Pictures - 2011: Part 2

Part 2 saw us in 5 different living locations, 4 flights, 3 states, 1 wedding, and 1 graduation. There was much rejoicing and much turmoil. Here you will see more of the rejoicing. If you want to read about the turmoil, check out the post: Not the way I thought it would be.

July in California: 
We flew to California the day before Kaleia's 2nd birthday to take advantage of one last free flight. We joined Brian at Azusa Pacific University for his graduate exhibition and graduation. Nana flew with us, and Grandpa Gracey and Grandma and Grandpa Rush joined us later in the week. We managed to fit in birthday celebrations for Kaleia and Brian in the midst of frantic art show preparations. Make sure to click read more. 

Breakfast at SeaTac airport, on our way to join Brian in California. This is one of Maggie's favorite pictures. 
Our Hotel in California
Birthday Girl 
 So thankful for Brian's friends, Jake and Clovis!
Long hours, lots of helpful hands, sweat, tears, take-out, but it was finished. 
And it was a great success. To see more of his work from the show, check out his website: brian-rush.com.
Cohort 3 enjoying Brian's bench. 
The girls trying out Papa's Mirror Masks
Mom and Dad Rush trying out Brian's bench.
Dad Rush helped with the design and fabrication. We appreciated all his help.  
We did it!

After Brian's show, we left him so he could focus on finishing classes and writing his thesis. Nana, the girls and I headed to Indio. We enjoyed the pools, visiting with some old friends, and resting after a long few months. 
Magnolia drying out after a swim

Why did we go to the desert zoo in the middle of the day at the end of July?!?
Pools and popsicles kept us cool.
Each day we took time out of the heat to draw and make creations.
The beauty of dry erase is lost on cement.
However, I was impressed with Magnolia's budding letter-writing skills. 
Thankfully, we were not charged for the damage to the patio floor. 

Brian had a little fun too. He took his parents to the art show of one of his favorite artists, Miranda July. 
Brian hugging a stranger.
Clive participated.
As did his mom. 

For the last week, we returned to Azusa to celebrate Brian's graduation!
Ready to walk!
Hooded! I can't believe we made it!
Then we had to pack. This was one of several all-night packing events during the months of June, July and August. This one was sorting things to go to Hawaii, to go home with our friend Matt in our Subaru to be stored, and what needed to come to China.

August in Hawaii:
The first week of August took us to Hawaii for the third wedding of the season. This time we were celebrating my brother Jeremy and my new sister Sherry. Their beach wedding turned into a mini-reunion and gave us a little relaxation as a family before beginning our new adventure in China.
Our afternoon Happy Hour spot
Watching the turtles
Soaking up time with Auntie Alli
Learning to talk to dolphins
Enjoying a cabana on the beach
Maggie loved the beach.
Playing with new Aunt Sherry
Dad, Jeremy, and his best man
Reconnecting after the final Azusa summer
"Coldie, coldie, Coldie" after a night time swim
Soaking up some sister-time before heading to China

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