Monday, January 2, 2012

A Year in Unpublished Pictures - 2011: Part 1

2011 was filled with many Rushcapades. Much is missing from our blog archive - like all of May through August. So this year's unpublished picture list grew to more than just the one or two per month I like to keep it to. I decided we needed a three part installment. Part 1 - The Lead Up. Part 2 - Travels, or Insanity. Part 3 - Intro to China. There are many more pictures on our flickr site if you are interested. Hope you enjoy! Make sure to click Read More to see the whole post.

Sisters love each other. 
Brian goes to California for his last Jan term and begins the final stretch to graduation. 
Shannon has her first skype interviews for international school jobs.

Brian and I travelled to San Fransisco for an international school job fair. I had a couple offers and some hard decisions at the end of it. It was also our first time without the girls.
Magnolia celebrated turning 3 twice. Once with family, once with her 3 friends.  With family, we played the hand stacking game and ate paninis and french fries. 
Cupcakes to look like her 3 favorite animals.

Reading with Cousin Noah
Madeline putting in the hair clip she gave her for her birthday. 
Kaleia loves Magnolia's new bike helmet. 

We went to see "Go, Do, GO!" with our friends the Fraziers. 

Visited with Auntie Melanie and Cousin Jamie from Calgary. 
Visited with our good friend Jacqueline and met new baby Kate. 
Lots of prep for Auntie Alli's wedding
Celebrated Pascha

We all got used to day care and the many germs it brought home.
Shannon spent much time prepping for and celebrating Auntie Alli's wedding.
Brian began traveling to Canada for work and to work on projects for his senior show with his dad.

Magnolia and Kaleia diligently and determinedly fulfilled their role despite their sickness.
Way better pictures here

Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup finals. We got cable for the first time ever. They lost. Vancouver rioted. Again. Brian was there this time. Don't worry, he was observing and preventing.
I finished up the school year, Maggie her dance class. I packed and packed. And we said good byes.

The Green Men
Cousin Ella and Maggie
Great Grandma Butiuk and all her great-grandkids
Dance Recital - Sick again on another important day
Making the most of the empty house

July in Washington:
Frantic Packing and Crazy moving. Sick Again. Rest at Nana and Grandpa's house.
Shannon and Magnolia got to be in another wedding. This one for our good friends, Holly and Sherman. Fortunately, this time neither of us was sick. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. 
Happy Fourth of July!
Summertime! Sparklers, bubbles and sidewalk chalk with Grandpa!

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