Saturday, January 7, 2012

Clara's Birthday Party

Magnolia's friend Clara turned 4 this week and invited Magnolia to her birthday party. Clara is one of Magnolia's closest friends. Usually. I'm surprised how young the girl drama begins. The day they became friends Magnolia told me, "Clara said that I am pretty and now we are friends. We held hands on the playground." Since then, they've been on again, off again. Maggie will come home and say that Clara said something mean so they are not friends anymore. I figure that some of those times it was Maggie's bossy tendency that led to the rift when Clara wouldn't go along with her plans. Clara's mom shared at the party that Magnolia taught Clara to write her name. Clara is a bit competitive and needed to be able to do what Magnolia can do. Magnolia has to have a Hello Kitty cake, with pink frosting and strawberry ears, just like Clara did. Maggie doesn't even like Hello Kitty. Oy vey. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! She doesn't seem old enough for such drama.