Sunday, January 15, 2012

Maggie Cam: Blake's visit

We're a little lonely for old friends here in Beijing, so we were very excited when Blake told us he was coming for a visit.  Brian asked the girls several times to "guess how many days till Blake comes!," before he realized most people were counting down till Christmas, which was a day earlier. 

We did a little sight-seeing and Blake, who lived in China several years ago, introduced us to some new  delicious Chinese dishes. After staying with us, he did some more traveling with a friend within China, then returned for a few days. We had our hands full with the girls most of the time. Pretty much our only pictures from his visit are Maggie's. You can read more about his visit and travels in China at his blog. Maybe he'll share some pictures soon too. Click below to see the whole post. 
Blake is here!

Blake and Mona

The care packages he muled over for us from family and friends!

At the Olympic Water Park -- The Water Cube

Lunch at the Water Cube

Self-Portrait - Up Close

Table Lines

Fellow Photographer

Our House

Our Legs


Christmas Cafe

Waiting for the "Warm Up" Hot Chocolate to Cool

Blake with Expensive Hot Chocolate at Lake Hou Hai

Looking Up, Looking Down

Man Magazine

Snowy Hou Hai

Snotty Sister

Tired Mama


Anonymous said...

Wow! These are great pictures. Sure looks like Maggie's getting to be a real pro with her new camera! Love the looking up and looking down shot, and self portrait. Keep up the great work Maggie!!

Love, auntie alli

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures Magnolia. Thanks for taking pictures of everyone so that we can see you all and where you live right now.