Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maggie Cam: January

When I used Maggie's camera the other day and needed to download the pictures I took, I realized that she took over 200 pictures last month, many of which I had no idea she had taken. It also made me realize we should have screened the contents before letting her take the camera for show and tell. 
Art Supplies

Bed Time Battle

On Our Way to See the Sights

Mama and Papa Ordering

Grandpa and GraaaaMA Rush


Frosty Bus Ride to the Great Wall

The Bus

Angry Duck

Funny Papa

Grandpa Rush

Sparkle Dress

Our Feet


Our Living Room

A Match!


Kaleia Snuggling Papa

Show and Tell

1 comment:

squeekymomma said...

Awesome. And really, you've got to give her some serious credit: Some of those pictures are fantastic - even for an adult!

Also a really interesting view from her perspective the shadows of the livingroom window in the shadow. The chaos of a bedtime battle captured forever for you to treasure always ;)

You guys rock. And your kids are amazing.