Saturday, March 14, 2009

Who has a better handlebar mustache?

Vote in the poll and discuss the finer points of pogonology in the comments.


theRachel said...

Shannon - I also sometimes do this with my hair.

Brian - wow, your moustache That's all.

There is a guy that also sometimes rides my bus (that I take to and from work) who I'm pretty sure is a U of Alberta student (b/c he's about that age, and doesn't get off at the hospital...where I disembark), and I wonder if he is in Agricultural Studies or something. He has a mega-stache. I think you would be proud, Brian. He seems to have good hair growth directly out from the edges of his mouth, and is able to grow a long, Tom Selleck like 'stache. It's quite the sight.

Anonymous said...

Brian's mustache is truly impressive! But, I voted for Shannon's...who else has a removable mustache?!? That makes it hard to beat. :)


Margaret said...

Although Shannon's mustache is awesome, I went for the authentic. It's definitely more of a commitment!

P.S. Thanks for the vocab word! Maybe I will use it on the GRE this summer.