Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Year Celebration

Yesterday we celebrated our first year of parenting and Magnolia's first year of life! It was a dream day for Magnolia: lots of people, balloons, new books and toys, and yummy food. We even managed to fit in a nap in between our friend open-house party and our family gathering.


Talkin' finance with Jace
"Grandma! Look what I got!"

Otis: "Hey Judy, are you sure it wouldn't help if I licked it?"

Our favorite present -- the one with the red bow!

"Mm, delightful! What year did you say these sprinkles were? 2008 must have been an excellent sugar crop."
"So that's what these things taste like! You've been holding out on me!"
In her birthday suit after her de-icing bath


Jodi said...

Happy birthday, sweet Magnolia!!! You are too cute!

theRachel said...

that is a great BIG cupcake! Happy birthday, miss magno!

The Horne's said...

BIGGEST cupcake EVER!!!! Shannon when are you due with your next?

Danielle said...

Is that Dr. Bishop?! Ok, fav teacher #2. You guys are such a stinkin' cute family... can't wait!