Thursday, March 12, 2009

When a Speed Bump is a Road Block

I'm kind of an anal blogger. Posts have to be in order. Sometimes I even back date posts so things are chronological. This little OCD streak, combined with life busyness, however causes lulls in our blogging activity. But today Magnolia's road block has helped me overcome mine, if only this once.
It was a beautiful day in Bellingham -- sunny and not freeze-your-nose-off-make-you-catch-your-breath cold -- so we headed to our favorite park.
Halfway into our visit to the park, Magnolia was no longer content in her stroller. In the past she has been reluctant to walk outdoors, so I didn't have much hope that we would get very far once I took her out.

After some coaxing from Mama and Papa, Magnolia unglued her feet from the pavement to take a few cautious steps. Then, without warning, she took off walking the fastest she's ever walked (possibly due to the slight decline)! Until...

The speed bump!

Our independent girl did not want help, but couldn't gear herself up to make it over the bump. She tried walking along it to find a way around, but no luck. In the end, she settled for playing with the pebbles on her side of the yellow line.


The Horne's said...


Jodi said...

That's so funny! I love it.

Anonymous said...

What a fun day. She is such a unique little lady. I simply adore her! I didn't realize you had posted this when I saw you today or I would have talked to you more about it. How fun to watch her grow and explore. She always makes me smile.


Margaret said...

Those yellow lines can be intimidating, you know.

Anonymous said...

That's SO completely ADORABLE!!!

At least you don't have to worry about her getting too far in the parking lot! ;)