Saturday, March 21, 2015

Wonder Week (by Kaleia)

Wonder Week is a time when you do lots of things that are hard working and you go with a teacher and get to go on the school bus to somewhere.

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On Monday, I went to make some musical instruments in music. I put some nails into a long skinny wood and then I put some lids on it and hammered them down. It was a shaker. And then, the other musical instrument I made was a thumb piano. I put two staples into a piece of wood, that was a square, and put four long metal things into the staples and hammered them down. We had a long nail and we rolled it into the long metal things. Then, we taped a box onto the wood to make the sound grow longer. Then, we colored them and wrote our names on it. Then we had snack. We played our musical instruments. We had lunch. We teached the Honeybees (preschoolers) music -- what we did in music.

On Tuesday, we went to the zoo. First, we saw the goats. Then we went to see the lions. Then, we went to see the cheetahs. Then, we walked down to see the elephants for just a tiny bit. Then, we ate lunch and snack too. Then, we walked down to see the monkeys. Then we saw some turtles and a lizard. It was going like a snake's tongue and it was in the water, but it had four feet!

Kaleia's Zoo Sketches

On Wednesday, we went down to the Village (the after-school building). We found some little containers that our teacher, Presence, had set out and they were all together. Then we made our maps from home to school. Then we tried to find our candies that we got. We were finding puzzle pieces and put them all together. And we went to that place and we found them. It was Eagle Creek. Then we went outside and ate our candies, while Presence was burning our maps like it was old. And we put some marbles in the little containers and we got a little sticker. We made a model of the Village and we put our sticker in the place where we had hidden our containers in the Village. Then the others tried to find our containers. But we didn't get to keep the marbles.

On Thursday, we went to Garden. We got to plant some seeds in a little container. We got to take them home. I picked pumpkins. Then we pulled the weeds out of our garden that we had for the bees. We planted some new flowers. Then we ate some lunch and snack, of course. Then we went back to working and we found a BIG slug and two little slugs. And then we made our carriers and the little pots went inside of the carriers. We got to decorate them with colored Sharpies. Then we had some recess.

It was a fun week!


Ethan Lowe said...

How cool! I remember going to that zoo with you like a year ago and we drew pictures of the goats first. I wonder if I still have that. You were dressed like an elephant that time. I REALLY hate slugs...cause I got one on my face one time. I like the carrier you made,mince art.

Teresa Gracey said...

What a wonderful week Kaleia! You really did a great job describing everything you did at school. I like the drawing you made of the zoo animals and the plant carrier you made is beautiful!