Friday, March 20, 2015

Experiential Days (by Magnolia)

Experiential days are when you go to experience something you don't do in a regular day at school for four days. And what I did for experiential days is "We love Animals." "We love Animals" is where you learn about animals. My teacher was the fourth grade teacher who is also named Maggie. 
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Monday - Zoo and Scrap
On Monday, I went to the zoo and we ate lunch at the zoo. I ordered a corn dog. To get to the zoo we took the bus and the Max (Portland light rail). We went to Scrap after the zoo. We did a game at Scrap and an art project. The art project was a stamp of an animal and the footprint of the animal. My animal was a penguin and its footprint. We had a lot of fun that day.

Tuesday - Humane Society and Grilled Cheese Grill
On Tuesday, we went to the Humane Society on a school bus. We learned about what animals need and what some animals have. Some dogs have a microchip. We also learned about spaying and neutering. We also looked at dogs and cats in their kennels. My favorite dog was a little, cheerful, black dog named "Maggie." After the Humane Society, we went to the Grilled Cheese Grill. The Grilled Cheese Grill is a restaurant in a real school bus. We ate Grilled Cheese, potato chips and apple juice. I sat by my friend, Clementine.   

Wednesday - Chocolate Studio, Skyline Diner, Audubon Society, and Guide Dog
On Wednesday, we went to a chocolate studio. At the chocolate studio, we made chocolate animals. At first, I was going to make a penguin, but it was too hard. I made a whale, some fishes, a rock and an ocean. I'm proud of my work. I used all the colors. After the chocolate studio, we went to Skyline. Skyline is a restaurant. I ordered a strawberry smoothie and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was good. Then we went to the Audubon Society. I saw a crow and two owls. The two kinds of owls I met were endangered species. After that, we listened to Joy. Joy is a person who teaches about guide dogs. She brought a dog named "Tawly." His eyesight was not good, but we liked him. It was super fun.

Thursday - Farm and Playground
On Thursday, I went to a farm. At the farm, I fed animals -- a goose, chickens, roosters, donkeys, goats, turkeys, and ducks. A turkey bit me on the ring finger. It hurt! My favorite chicken was one that lost one of its eyes and had no feathers in one spot. My favorite turkey was one that wasn't very big and was a female. My favorite goat was one that had three legs. We also organized food for the animals. Two sheep that they just got that day or the day before were pregnant. Right before we left the farm, we got stickers and a vegan rice crispy treat. Then, we left the farm. After we left the farm, we went to a playground in Silverton. We ate lunch there and had a recess. When we got back on the bus, the bus wouldn't go. So we had another recess! Then we got back on the bus and drove back to school.

All of the days were fun! Now, it's spring break!!!!


Note from Shannon: Sometimes I want share Magnolia's writing process. This being one of her first posts done entirely at home I thought it might be interesting to see her original work. As I typed her draft into blogger we read it aloud and she spotted places for juicy details. Sometimes I asked a clarifying question that led her to expand, but I tried to limit my influence. I really wanted to type it with her sound spelling because I felt it was more genuine and still readable. Magnolia insisted that I help with the book-spelling and those pesky red squiggle lines don't allow for fudging. Enjoy!


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Wow you really do love penguins, I remember reading about/talking about/acting like penguins last time I was down there. If I could have one lunch this week of my choosing it would be PB&J and a Strawberry smoothie. If I was driving your bus it would have left on time, lucky you got extra recess.