Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Divers by Kaleia

Recently, Kaleia's class had a publishing party. They have been working on authoring and illustrating stories of their own for some time. We've heard Kaleia share enthusiastically about these works in-progress and how she longed to bring them home to share. Normally noncompetitive, she surprised us with, "Today, we got to read out books with a partner at the publishing party. (My reading partner) only had one book to read and I had FOUR!" She is very proud of her work. We hope you enjoy the author reading below. Watch for more books by Kaleia in the near future. 

Click below to view close-up pictures of Kaleia's book.

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Teresa Gracey said...

Wonderful story Kaleia! I loved the colors and the story about the octopus. It was very interesting to use your handprint to make the body of the octopus! Thank you for showing us the story as the author who created the book and published it. Keep writing. Your stories are very good.
I love you,