Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Cozy Cage for Tiger

Kaleia has grown especially fond of this key chain tiger, perhaps because he is small enough for her to take to school with her each day. This afternoon, she spent much of her free time building him a cage in the garage. She and Maggie worked together to saw the pieces using the vice and clamps. Maggie grew tired of the project and left Kaleia to put it together on her own. Several times her frustrated sighs or exclamations of "Drats!" drew me to her workbench to lend a hand. I helped remove a bent nail, then with a sighed "Thank you" she got back to work...until the next one. Lacking hinges for a lid/door, she added a hook to attach his keyring to so he wouldn't escape. Finally, Kaleia added the necessary comforts and decor.

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