Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Words of the Lately: Frigate, Gark, Psy-ged, Dopdopdopdop, Freppery

Frigate* (noun) 1) a modern warship that is smaller than a destroyer 2) the first formal academic classroom based learning environment, usually composed of children of ages 3 or 4, alternate pronunciation: Pre-K
"FRIGATE 1B! FRIGATE 1B! Line up, line up! It's time to go outside!" - Teacher Magnolia, clapping her hands to get her pretend students' attention
*This word was recently changed from Cricket. 

Gark (adjective): having very little or no light
"'s a gark" - Kaleia, age 2

Psy-ged (adjective): emotionally aroused, usually shown by scrunching up ones arms close to the body, fists near the chin, quivering
"So psy-ged. I habba pack-pack. I gonna see Teacher Day-bed, Teacher Kara." - Kaleia, age 2, on the way to school

Dopdopdopdop (command): Halt

Freppery (adjective): tending or liable to cause slipping as on ice, oil, or wet surfaces

"Dopdopdopdop! Floor's freppery!" - Kaleia, age 2, copying her parent's warning to her sister

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