Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Little Things: Wedding Photography

Yet another thing you probably won't find in a travel guide: young Chinese couples are crazy about wedding photography.  All the photos below were taken in the span of little more than an hour on a sunny September day in Chaoyang Park.  You couldn't turn a corner without stumbling upon another costumed couple or three.  Photographer friends, if business ever gets slow in North America, take note. Click "Read More" to see all the photos.

I should mention, it's not any of their actual wedding days.  Apparently they take these images well in advance to display them at their reception.

I should also mention that this is not their actual wedding attire.  If you look closely at her back you can see that that dress is no where near being able to zip up.  It's clipped to her undergarment.

I will love you Always (Coca-Cola)

Bonus points if you spot extra couples in the background.


"Honey, watch this!"

*POOF*  "Ha ha ha, oh honey, your flatulence always did amaze me!"

Soccer --->

Lots of bonus points here

"You want me to lean like this?"


Costume bags!  Costume bag sherpas! Each couple does many, many costume changes.

Can you find all 6?

These photos were just some of our favorites.  We have more.  And there were a lot more we didn't take...  

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theRachel said...

WOW. This is amazing, on so many levels. Just, WOW.