Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stop to Smell the Basil

Since my nesting tendencies are in full swing--their influence has even spread outside the nest--and since Magnolia LOVES going outside, I've been teaching her about gardening.  While I pick weeds she points at each one and says Ick!  She's a very proficient ick detector...maybe a little too proficient.  She ended up 'helping' me by plucking flowers.

Another new development from our times outside is that she LOVES to smell things. You wouldn't guess by the face she is making in the picture below, but she repeatedly asked to smell the freshly growing mint.

Her nose and chin are a little yellower these days too.

But her favorite is Basil. 

It is too cold for it to be outside yet, so every time we go up stairs, she points at the basil in the entryway and sniffs. There are three starters, and all three must be smelled.


squeekymomma said...

Ok, that's adorable!

Jen said...

That last picture is lovely! She looks like she's in complete bliss with that basil. That's got to be a sign of future kitchen brilliance, right?

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! I'm glad that you captured these pictures, they really show her keen interest in the world around her at this stage of her life.


Jodi said...

Well how cute is that?

Anonymous said...

now that is cute! do you have rosemary and lavendar etc. too? Jamie helped me plant pansies and yellow marigolds today (yellow was her choice). the last pic of M smelling the basil is precious!

Shannon Rush said...

No rosemary or lavender yet, but I would like to get some. :)

KJG said...

i love that last one with her eyes closed! so cute! :D
-Kristen G