Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Super Happy Fun Times

Our little quadruped!

For some reason Magnolia's hands are always cold. We've had the most success with socks as hand warmers.

Weird weather! This brings new meaning to April Showers!

My parents got at least 4" and they only live an hour South of us.
It's the end of April! Are we haeded for another Ice Age?

A different kind of shower

On Sunday, our church threw us, and our friends the Owen's, a baby shower. Lots of people pitched in to fill a huge basket for each family (can you guess which one was ours?). They were incredibly generous!

Human Gumby!
How can that be comfortable?

Pinochle Party at the Wilson's

All of the other kids were very interested in Maggie.

She was interested in them too!

She also got some Pinochle lessons from her Papa.

Brian and I ended the night 2-1. The Fraziers dominated!

Is that a signal?
It was great to have a night out with friends, especially while Magnolia is still at the stage where it is easy to bring her along.

Happy on her playmat

"Why am I sitting all by myself on the rocking chair?"

"Mama, You're funny!"
"This isn't so bad."


Jodi said...

I really do apologize for sounding like a broken record, but I can't stop myself. SHE'S SO CUTE.

The Gilfillans said...

I agree- She is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweeties!
I finally got access to a computer and I must admit I am having Maggie withdrawals. She is such a darling! I know her personality so well now that I can actually visualize her moving and making her "Maggie sounds" in each of the pictures you've posted. Can't wait to hold her again! Take care of each other and stay happy!
Love to you all!
Mom G & Nana

emily said...

TOTAL DOMINATION!! that's right. no signals needed. we'll take you on a rematch anytime ;)